YafaRay 3.4.1, Blender 2.80 alpha exporter released.

YafaRay 3.4.1 has been released. Minor changes compared to 'git' development version but some changes in regard to YafaRay 3.3.0, you can find the release notes here. Our goal is to officialise the 'git' version with a new release numbering and we have also updated 'Readme' files since now Github will be the official bugtracking channel. You can find Linux 32bit/64bit and Windows MinGW 32bit/bit, standalone and Blender Exporter for Blender v2.79 at:

We have released code and binary files for Linux 64bit and Windows 64bit of a Blender 2.82 exporter prototype. It is somewhat working but textures and world is not yet implemented since we don't have a clear path yet for implementing Blender nodes system. Alpha testing and development help welcome.

Best regards and stay safe !