Improved bug tracker

Assigned:David Bluecame


After some investigation about how it works internally, I've made some changes to the bugtracker to try to make it easier and more effective. The changes are:

* Disabled the drutex module that caused a red error line in the bugtracker when creating a new entry. I don't know what was drutex used for, but I don't think it was necessary. Time will tell, of course...

* Removed the "version" field. The development work is always on the latest version and everybody was using "development" anyway.

* Renamed the "Code" component as "YafaRay Core". I think it's clearer this way.

* Added the component "Website" for web site / web server improvements

* Added the components "Wings3D plugin (experimental)" for issues related to Wings3D and "Sketchup plugin (experimental) for issues related to Sketchup. Please keep in mind there are no officially supported Wings3D nor Sketchup plugins, but we might start keeping basic rudimentary ones to get very basic functionality with the latest versions of YafaRay and those pieces of software.

* Reordered the columns, I hope they are easier to read now.

* Moved all old entries from the old (mostly unused) YafaPlugin and YafaSite bug trackers into the now unified YafaRay bug tracker, and deleted the two old YafaPlugin and YafaSite bug tracker "projects".


I hope now it's easier for users to choose the correct fields when entering a bug tracker, and I also hope you like the changes. Please let me know if you don't ;-)

Best regards.



I've also added now another component "Building scripts" for issues while building YafaRay involving the CMake build scripts...


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.