Cannot load textures with non-ascii characters in Windows

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:bug report
Assigned:David Bluecame

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Oyster;2989734 wrote:
bug report: if the image texture name (includes the directory name) has non-English characters( in my case, Chinese), yafray will not use this image file. Sorry, the encoding/decoding in python always messes my mind, I have tried to fix this peoblem but without success.

I've been investigating this today and it looks like a horrible Windows-Linux-Mac character encoding incompatibility between operating systems, codepages and compilers. It could be fixed by adding OS and compiler-dependant code for each combination but it would take a lot of time and effort, not worth it in my opinion for now. I will keep this as an open issue but postponed until we get more time and resources.



Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
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This will be solved in the next YafaRay-E version. Really difficult to solve, by the way...


Status:ready to commit» fixed

Fixed in v3.0.0-beta:


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Closing as it was marked as "fixed" for 4 weeks without any further comments from users.