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In light of the color pipeline bug and taking into account that too many times we resort to hacking features on exporters rather than supporting them on the core engine, I think it would be great to make again yafaray stand-alone versions of each release as we did in the past. They can be used as a test bench for features later supported by every exporter which are ATM Blender, Edifius, P-con Planner and Wings 3D. That would also mean that we make YafaRay a less Blender-centric app. and we keep a better eye on XML maintenance and improvements and people could benefit from faster render times by rendering on command line.

In current Blender addons, yafaray-xml feature is pretty much residual and lacks maintenance too. On Linux it does not respond to commands and on Windows it won't start without a registry key which the addon does not install anyway.

I also think the best course of action would be releasing always standalone first for betatesting and then releasing addons.



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Hello, Alvaro.

yafaray-xml is a simple interface to render a XML file. It should work fine. In fact, in my current development for Render Passes I'm also adding new features to it and I'm doing tests with both Blender and yafaray-xml to make sure the xml interface is working correctly.


I need more information about the problem you mention with the Linux version not responding to commands, what do you mean?


About the plugins path, I can take a look at it to see if I can make it more "automatic" so it does not fail.


In my opinion, if yafaray-xml works correctly it's better to keep the releases as they are now to avoid duplication of work and complexity.


On Linux

yafaray-xml: command not found


On Windows:

Enviroment: can not find registry key




In Linux this is the line I put in the Terminal to execute yafaray-xml:


LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/david/blender64/2.76/scripts/addons/yafaray/bin/" /home/david/blender64/2.76/scripts/addons/yafaray/yafaray-xml  -pp "/home/david/blender64/2.76/scripts/addons/yafaray/bin/plugins" -a -f png 001.xml


Please locate the folder where Blender is installed and the folder where yafaray-xml is installed and try something similar to what I've done above.


I will try to make this easier in future release.


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Status:postponed» ready to commit


In the upcoming v3.0.0, yafaray-xml will no longer need the Registry entry to work in Windows and should work "out of the box" automatically loading libraries from the folder where it resides and the plugins from the plugins folder respect to the folder it resides.

Also, in v3.0.0 yafaray-xml it will be possible to interrupt the render process by pressing CTRL+C, in which case it will handle the correct save of the image files, etc. 


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Fixed in v3.0.0-beta:


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Closing as it was marked as "fixed" for 4 weeks without any further comments from users.


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I've reopened this entry, as I'm now actively working on making changes to enable standalone releases, including folders for doc, tests and semi-automatic library and plugin folders detection.

The reason for that is both samo's original request here, plus the issue reported in and the fact that I'm trying to update the CMake building process to make it easier and more reliable, so other people can more easily build YafaRay to play with it and hopefully involve more people.

I've also made changes to the ChangeLog to separate the "Core" and "Blender-Exporter" changes, for 3rd party software not using Blender.

Once the changes are fully working and tested, I will start creating two types of Release Builds:

* Standalone, for 3rd party software, not for Blender.

* Blender, same as I've been releasing so far, to be used with Blender

Also, once these changes and Releases work fine, once we get the Standalone releases working fine and considering that no major issues have been reported for version 3, I will remove the "beta" suffix from YafaRay and we will have an "stable" official release at last.

I will keep you posted about this. Best regards.


Status:needs work» ready to commit

I've "undeleted" the Qt4 GUI code and made adjustments for it to work with v3, as well as some adjustments to the Ruby bindings to avoid collisions with the Python bindings and give support again to the Sketchup plugin.

So, I think soon I will start preparing Standalone builds as in addition to the Blender-Exporter builds. And hopefully perhaps we will be able to remove the "-beta" suffix soon at last.


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Solved in the new version v3.2.0. See:


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.