Let emitting textures shoot photons for caustics

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request
Assigned:David Bluecame

When i finished rendering i show you a video i made with yafaray.

There is a animated texture (fire) that lightens the enviroment.
What would be great is when light-emitting-textures shoot out photons for caustics.

With a controler where you can control from wish intensity of the texture (white = most intensive) the photons will come from.

Another way could be:
Make it possible to use textures on lamps as it work in blender ;)
I could use the same texture on the lamp to use it for semi-real caustics ;)

I know, not much people would need this feature so i set the priority to minor.

In my video i simulated the causics from the fire with an area-light (so i could animate the intensity of the caustics).
Normaly the caustics should move, becaus the fire is moving- but animating the light is to hard while using much frames!

Dennis F.

(video link will come soon)



Video is online now!




It seems that there are caustics from the fire, or are this other kinds of reflections?


I rendered a single frame with some little modifications- looks like caustics- i would need a way to make them more intensive without increasing the emit-value of the fire (in this fram emit=20).

Single Test for Texture-Caustics



Status:active» postponed

Very interesting feature indeed, related to other request to expand capabilities of shinydiffuse emit. Postponed to future YafaRay releases. I will set this request as active as soon as YafaRay 012 stable is released.


Version:» <none>
Component:Code» YafaRay Core
Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
Status:postponed» won't fix

I don't think this will be done. Emit is a fake light source. I will be improving MeshLights instead to achieve something similar to this with proper light source and handling.

See: http://www.yafaray.org/node/736#comment-1940


Status:won't fix» closed