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As it stands now, render params are painted "into" the rendered picture. Therby covering parts of the rendered result. In fact the rendered picture cant be used anymore for postpro (ok only parts of it - still).

While this looks cool, I suggest:

a.) Increase the rendered picture in height and draw the render params into the added space.

b.) Add the yafaray logo in the lower right corner ;)



If I may extend a little this suggestion:

For testing&learning purposes it would be also useful to extend the information which are written down. Especially the info about render method. The experimental version already writes down some additional info, but it should include all the relevant params, for example add radius, depth & caustic mix info for photon mapping.

There's the option of a custom line, but it's limited in space and tedious to change every time you tweak an option (also easy to forget to change)

The info about antialiasing should also be extended to all the params.


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Component:Qt GUI» Code
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For your information, in the upcoming new YafaRay Experimental version there will be a workaround for this. For now I haven't modify the parameters painting in the code, but the new version will have the ability to do Render Passes.

So, for example you can render the image with two passes: the standard "combined" with the parameters painted over it as usual and another pass with another "combined" image without the parameters.


About the information you want to paint over the image, please I would need to know exactly what's needed, to make the window larger if needed. I think it's best that several users give their opinion here to get maximum possible consensus.


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No input from anybody about this, setting to Postponed.


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just discover this topic. I agree with this feature, I ever made final rendering without disabling the " draw render params" button and have to re-render the marked part and post-compose it :/

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Title:draw render params» Invasive Draw Params badge
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This issue was not easy to solve. The main problem is Blender API limitations which prevent us from increasing the size of the image to add the Render Parameters badge.

So, I've made the following changes will be available in the next YafaRay-E version:

* For image file output there will be a new parameter to draw params in the image. In that case, in the exported image files the render params badge will be below the rendered area and no longer overlapping with it, so the image will contain the full render.

* As this cannot work when rendering into Blender, I've created a new functionality: secondary file output. This allows that, when we render into Blender, at the same time we can export the YafaRay render result into files (it would be like a "Into Blender+Image file" combination). This way, independently of the image rendered in Blender, the "secondary" image file will contain the params badge below the rendered image and not overlapped.

* To avoid user mistakes (as reported previously here), as we have now the options above to render image files with non-invasive params badge, I've declared "deprecated" the previous "Draw Params" button/parameter and I've forcibly disabled it. So, from now on, when importing into Blender, Blender will never show again the params badge. You have to enable "Secondary file output" and enable "Draw Params" in the file output definition. In this case, Blender image will not contain the params badge and the image output will contain the params badge below the rendered image.

I also made changes to the XML loader (yafaray-xml) so when using "-dp" the images contain the params badge below the rendered area and not overlapped.

As I said, this is not ideal (nothing I can do about Blender API limitations!) but I believe it will be much better (and safer) than before.

I hope you like it.



As explained above, this feature will be implemented in the next YafaRay-E version. I've implemented some, in my opinion, nice features that will help users to have better and less invasive information for their renders. I will explain all the render information features when I release the new version.



Can render tile size be in params badge?



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Status:needs work» ready to commit


I just made the change in my development code. The Tile Size information will be appear in the AA information in v3.0.0




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Fixed in v3.0.0-beta:


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Closing as it was marked as "fixed" for 4 weeks without any further comments from users.