UV Image Map when tiled only mirrors on one axis.

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When tiling and mirroring a UV mapped image texture it mirrors on only one axis.

Orco mapping mirrors correctly, but when switching back to orco from UV the problem persists.

.blend and sample render attached:-


tile.jpeg22.46 KB
UV-Map-Tile.blend.zip642.29 KB



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I can't reproduce the problem, i'll give it a couple of days but it doesn't seem a bug at all

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Perhaps it is a local problem then, but it was confirmed here:- http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2484

Can you post a file for me to try, I still have it mirroring on only one axis......

Thanks for looking into it.


Here is another example.

Blender renders like this:-


Yafaray like this:-





As you can see Blender mirrors on both axes, while Yafaray mirrors on only one.

EDIT - reading this again, I wonder if I explained the issue fully. I am using Blender's texture repeat function with a UV mapped image texture.

F6 -> Map Image panel -> Mir button, x/y repeat

mirror.zip 1.78 MB


Wait.......mirroring is not supported......??
The user guide says not.

I'm sure it was working in other files.

Oh well, I'll look forward to it being introduced instead :)


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A bit late (6 years), but better late than never ;-)   This feature (new Mirror X / Mirror Y options) will be available in the next YafaRay-E version for image textures.

Just an example:

new image texture mirrror options.jpgnew image texture mirrror options.jpg


Status:ready to commit» fixed

Fixed in v3.0.0-beta: http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5173


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Closing as it was marked as "fixed" for 4 weeks without any further comments from users.