No invasive, more comprehensive render settings badge

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request
Assigned:David Bluecame

I believe that the render badge with settings could be improved, so it uses more relevant information, and does not invade the render area. Not invasive, with more comprehensive and useful information, would mean that people could use the badge for finished works as well, and the parameters used would be shared with other users.

The improvements should be IMO:

  • Non invasive. The settings badge should use its own area.
  • It should include copyright info, such as author's name and e-mail
  • If we include the yafaray logo, it should be subtle, with low contrast grey colors.
  • Lighting method and samples. In direct lighting, inform if AO has been used and samples and also if a caustic photon map has been used, for example 'Direct lightin + AO 256 samples + Cphotons'. In photon mapping, include amount of samples for Final Gather, for instance 'Photon mapping, FG 32 samples'.
  • AA settings, including at least pixel width and maybe threshold.
  • Render time optional.

It would look like this:

Jonh Smith

YafaRay logo

Direct Lighting + AO 16 samples + Cphotons
mitchell, 16 AA passes, 1x5 AA samples, 1.2 AA Pixelwidth



Component:Qt GUI» Blender Exporter
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Status:fixed» closed

Closing old fixed issues.

Michele Castigliego


Component:Blender Exporter» Code
Assigned to:Anonymous» David Bluecame
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Status:active» ready to commit


This feature will be implemented in the next YafaRay-E version. I've implemented some, in my opinion, nice features that will help users to have better and less invasive information for their renders. I will explain all the render information features when I release the new version.


Status:ready to commit» fixed

Fixed in v3.0.0-beta:


Status:fixed» closed

Closing as it was marked as "fixed" for 4 weeks without any further comments from users.