blender's map input nor

Component:YafaRay Core
Category:feature request
Assigned:David Bluecame

It would be nice feature to add to yafaray.
It is useful to simulate fall-off effects, ramp shaders like in a cloth material.
It is more advanced than simple fresnel because we can control colors acording with the normal angle with a texture.

From blender manual:

Nor - Normal
Uses the direction of the surface's normal vector as coordinates. This is very useful when creating certain special effects that depend on viewing angle

Here is a simple test:
A simple sphere gradient texture and map to normal we can simulate a fall-off effect.



Component:Blender Exporter» Code
Assigned to:Anonymous» subcomandante
Status:active» postponed

Before implementing this on exporter it needs to be added to yafaray itself.

I set this one as postponed for next releases.

Michele Castigliego


Category:support request» feature request

ehm, this is not a support request but a feature request.

Michele Castigliego


Assigned to:subcomandante» David Bluecame
Status:postponed» active


Status:active» ready to commit


This feature will be available in the next YafaRay version.

Some examples with different textures:


0001.png 131.68 KB
untitled.png 72.33 KB


An example using this feature to "simulate" a cloth material effect with a gradient texture mapped to normal coordinates:


upcoming-yafaray-normal-coordinates.png 301.09 KB


Status:ready to commit» fixed

Implemented in YafaRay-E v2.1.0

More information:


Status:fixed» closed

Fixed for 2 weeks without further comments. Closing.