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  • This guide makes reference mainly to YafaRay used from Blender though it can be useful for users of YafaRay on other 3D software and for raytracing learning in general.
  • If you are looking for a 'Quick Start' document, please take a look at this forum thread.
  • What is YafaRay? Short introduction to the YafaRay engine, history and a complete list of features.
  • Render Output.
  • Objects, Lights and Camera settings. Parameters to setup light sources and cameras.
  • Texture Input. Texture input, mapping coordinates, blending modes, stencil and procedurals.
  • Materials. YafaRay materials explained.
  • Material Modulation. Modulation of materials properties with textures.
  • Lighting Methods. Lighting methods explained and use cases.
  • Render Settings. General rendering parameters and Anti-aliasing settings.
  • Background Settings. Background types and parameters.
  • Volumetrics. Volumetric effects in YafaRay.
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