About us


YafaRay is possible thanks to many people who have collaborated with the project in the past. Without them, YafaRay would not exist today. In particular, we would like to acknowledge contributions and work made by:

  • Alejandro Conty Estévez (Jandro), developer. Project creator.
  • Mathias Wein (Lynx), developer. Code refactoring.
  • Alfredo de Greef (eeshlo), developer.
  • Luis Fernando Ruiz Gago (Luis), system administrator.
  • Juan David González Cobas (Cobas), maths consultant.
  • Javier Galán Rico (Chronoh), graphic design.

YafaRay Core Team

Core Developers
  • Gustavo Boiko (Boiko)
  • Kim Skoglund (Kerbox)
  • Bert Buchholz (bert)
  • Michele Castigliego (Subcomandante)
  • Rodrigo Placencia Vázquez (Darktide)
  • Olaf Arnold (Olaf)
System administrator
  • Michele Castigliego (Subcomandante)
Community manager and documentation
  • Álvaro Luna Bautista (Samo)

Currently, Álvaro Luna is recognised by SPI as the current SPI liaison on behalf of the YafaRay Team. Successors will be democratically appointed by the team members listed on this section.


Code development

  • Martijn Berger (Juicyfruit)
  • David Bluecame
  • Pedro Alcaide (povmaniac)

Package Maintainers

Windows 32/64bit

Gabriele Ferreri (megasoft78)

Linux 32/64bit

Gabriele Ferreri (megasoft78)

Mac OSX 32/64bit

Jens Verwiebe (jensverwiebe)



Jeffrey Anderson (condar)

Linux Mint 12 64bit

Robert Bozza (wizofboz)


  • Meetings will start every week on Tuesday, at 16:00 GMT (not earlier, not later).
  • Meeting dates can change depending on team member availability.
  • Meetings chat log will be made public, either on a wiki, mailing list or on the forum.
  • Meetings decisions will be taken by general consensus rather than by a majority of votes.


YafaRay logo, renders, documents and any creative work hosted on this site are by default copyrighted by their respective authors.